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Foshan City Hospital


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Foshan City Hospital

Projectoverviewandtenderingrange: 1.Projectname:replacementoffiregasfireextinguishingsysteminhighvoltagedistributionhouseofbuilding15. 2.Projectnumber:FSZYYHQJJ201611010 3.Projectaddress:BuildingNo.15
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Project overview and tendering range:
1. Project name: replacement of fire gas fire extinguishing system in high voltage distribution house of building 15.
2. Project number: FSZYYHQJJ201611010
3. Project address: Building No. 15 in the hospital
4. Scope of Tendering: installation of a seven fluoro propane cabinet fire extinguishing system, replacement of the original gas gel fire extinguishing device and fire alarm control system.
5. Purchasers: Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine
6, address: No. 6 Pro benevolent Road, Chancheng District, Foshan
7. Winning bidder: Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.
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