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Yongtai dream team


Yongtai dream team

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    In March 19, 2017, Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. after careful planning and meticulous preparation, Yongtai fire Huiyuan club players and Kangle club players in Xuyi County Hui Yuan basketball court launched a fierce basketball match.
This basketball match is a friendly competition aimed at promoting friendship between the players and enriching the colorful life of the staff. Mr. Chen, the owner of Yongtai fire Huiyuan club and Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd., before the opening of the game, said that the current social rhythm is very fast. People ignore the physical fitness for life. He stipulates that the company employees take two days a week to organize basketball activities. The original intention of this organization is to organize the friendly match. We aim at improving our health and we hope that we can compete with each other in order to compete.
    At the beginning of the game, the players of both sides are full of spirit, the momentum is like a rainbow, you come to me on both sides of the war, the score rises alternately, the game is very fierce, the crowd is enthusiastic, and refuels the contestants!
After the opening, the two sides took advantage of the team's advantage frequently, and hit a small climax. The Yongtai firemen were very high in war and had a good chance of throwing the ball, and they quickly opened the distance from Kangle. In the face of the difference, Kangle did not give up, in the second half a number of goals, close to the distance from the Yongtai fire, Yongtai fire use their own advantages to launch a round of fast attack, the score gradually increased, the band re adjusted the status, the score further pulled closer, the players of the two sides of the successful match. In addition, the ball bowled again and again, bringing the competition into a white hot stage. The audience applauded and shouted like thunder. Finally, Kangle won the final victory by his superb skill and perfect tacit understanding.
It is believed that the basketball friendly match promotes the unity and cooperation among the players, and also provides a platform to show the individual ability, exercises the will of the players, and improves the physical quality of the players. The players will be better trained in the future activities to improve the overall level of the team.
We are happy because of sports. We applaud Yongtai fire.