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Jiangsu Yongtai Firefighting Engineering Co., Ltd. (Yongtai) has a national fire engineering contractor qualification, with a registered capital of 50.18 million yuan. The company is mainly devoted to fire engineering construction. At the same time, it develops, manufactures and sells heptafluoropropane, IG541, aerosol, high-pressure pipe fittings, and other gas fire extinguishing equipment. The sale of products in China has achieved the full coverage of large and medium-sized cities.In 2015, it was honored as an honorable construction company of Jiangsu Province for quality, credit, and integrity. In 2016, it had obtained the 3C certification for gas fire extinguishing equipment and passed the quality system, environment and health system certifications in succession. 

Founded in 2014 and registered in the industrial and commercial administration, Yongtai is an enterprise with independent legal person qualification, independent management, independent accounting and self-financing. The company specializes in the construction of firefighting facility engineering, electromechanical equipment installation engineering, building intelligent system engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, air purification engineering, building construction and waterproof engineering; as well as special fire protection facility project design, building intelligent system engineering design, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering design (if any of the above projects involve national special approval requirements, special approval is required before they can be operated); the marketing, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical equipment, fire fighting apparatus, intelligent equipment and central air-conditioning; the marketing, installation and commissioning of monitoring equipment, air cleaning facilities, decorative materials, and water heating equipment; as well as the production and sales of fire-fighting devices and firefighting equipment.

The company currently has 2 national registered installation engineers, 3 provincial installation engineers, 8 with engineer titles, 30 intermediate professional technical workers, and more than 100 on-site construction and installation personnel. There are six offices in the company, namely: Engineering Department, Business Department, Foreign trade Department,Maintenance Department, Production Department, Finance Department, and Office. 

Development Goal: Common Prosperity, Common Happiness!
Corporate Culture: Loyal, Sincere, Meticulous, Focused, Enthusiastic!
Operation Philosophy: Reputation & Strength!
Business Objectives: A group of people focus on and succeed in one thing with a lifetime!
Looking into the future, Yongtai is determined to adhere to the consistent spirit of “Serve fire safety wholeheartedly” and the enterprise spirit of “Unity and Win-win, Integrity, Pragmatism, Innovation, High Efficiency” to gather the greatest amount of safety in the world and send it to millions of households!